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Areas of Expertise

- Finance & Lease Transactions / Rebates   - Odometer Fraud / Curbstoning
- Sales Tactics   - Service Contracts
- Deceptive Practices / Payment Packing   - Credit Procedures / Subprime
- Finance & Insurance
Compliance Issues
  - Lender Misrepresentation / Fraud
- Credit Life / Accident & Health Insurance   - Title Jumping / Auto Auctions / Wholesaling
- Vehicle Appraisals


  - Lemon Law / Manufacturer’s Warranties

Analyzing all Dealership Transactions, including, but not limited to, Buyer’s Order and Sales Contract, Finance and Lease Contracts, Payment Packing, Deceptive Practices.

Knowledgeable in Regulations Z and M, Finance Compliance and Disclosure.

Able to work with either the plaintiff or defendant.

I have no geographic limitations and am available by the hourly rate of $475, plus travel expenses.

References furnished upon request.

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